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“THE SILHOUETTES™ were created in March 2009 when I was asked to create a show using my dancers from Rocky Mountain School of Dance, Inc. I was asked to use shadows, pictures and dance in a way that would make the audience remember Denver.

When I presented the idea of making the shape of the pictures with dancer’s bodies – and then having the photograph appear on the stage – I didn’t realize how truly difficult that would be. The children worked incredibly hard and together we made it happen! I was in the stairwell at the theater 10 minutes before show praying for the dancers to hit the “Blue Bear” shape… and they executed it perfectly!!!!!!

Channel 9 news Denver aired coverage of our work for several days after the event. A Denver Entertainment Company, Starkey Productions, saw the coverage and asked me if they could book THE SILHOUETTES™ dancers for corporate events! The big break came when Chris Starkey contacted me and asked if the dancers could attend the America’s Got Talent audition in Denver. This chain of events led us to the most incredible experience of our lives!

Since our exciting time on AGT, we have been traveling all over the nation performing for corporate events, Christmas shows and our very own 90 minute show called ‘Homecoming’ by THE SILHOUETTES™ children’s dance group. Our highlight was performing outside on the beach in Mexico! Our goal is to help homeless children through our performances by donating a portion of every show’s proceeds to foundations for homeless children. Our mission is to spread love and change lives and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!”

– Lynne Waggoner-Patton


christmasatbayside (1)

THE SILHOUETTES™ performed with Lincoln Brewster and Le PeTiT CiRqUe during the holiday season at Bayside Church in Sacramento! Standing ovations from over 42,000 audience members and reaching 150,000 with live streams! The passion, grace and incredible energy made this Christmas season one to remember!